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Would you like to know how Hai Sia buys our seafood products everyday? Interested to learn a few tips on how to pick fresh seafood? 

The most meaningful way of learning is to follow us on an experiential tour at Jurong Fishery Port! We will bring you around the Central Fish Market to see the wide variety of seafood available here. It promises to show you the other side of Singapore that you would have never imagined it to be!

The free Saturday morning tour commences at 1.00am, and will conclude at 3.00am. The meeting time will be at 12.45am, outside the retail showroom of Hai Sia. Please bring along these items during the tour:

  1. ICs or passports to exchange for security passes at the guardhouse (driving licenses are not allowed)
  2. Cash and cooler bags should you like to buy seafood 
  3. Umbrellas 

A confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours of your application. For more enquiries or cancellation, please email us at enquiry@haisia.com.sg.

Special note: We are grateful for the overwhelming enthusiasm to join our walking tours! As the tours are currently over-subscribed, we will place all interested participants on the waiting list, and give you a call for the next tour. Thank you for your patience! 

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Daniel Franssen
Daniel Franssen
03:34 02 Apr 17
Attended the fish market tour. Incredibly insightful to see how seafood is traded in Singapore. You get to see the fishing boats come in, showcase their daily catch (it's a lot!), see the traders negotiating prices. Hai Sia educated us on the different types of seafood, what to look out for when assessing the quality. Their friendly staff were very hospitable to us and ensured that despite the 1am start, we were all energised throughout! Highly recommend this!
Celine Chua
Celine Chua
11:43 22 Mar 17
The fishery tour was really educational and interesting depicting the true tales of the lives dedicated to this trade putting fresh seafood on our meals daily. Helped me understand the insights of the trade giving a whole new experience to buying and consuming seafood and even learning the trick of eating a whole pomfret so easily with just chopsticks! Great to bring young and old for a whole new experience and i encourage everyone to go! Awesome way to educate! Thank you to Hai Sia folks for your dedication!
Gregory Tan
Gregory Tan
08:20 29 Mar 17
I enjoyed my time at Hai Sia because the staff were very friendly to us. From this experience, I've learned that those who work at the fishery ports are some of the unsung heroes that deserve more recognition in Singapore. It is very interesting to learn the real importance of these fisheries in regards to our food industries and restaurant businesses.
Mei Hui Liu
Mei Hui Liu
09:34 10 Apr 17
This is the second time I am on the tour so you can gauge how cool and worthwhile it was to lose sleep over! Junting and Mevin's dedication to make this tour both meaningful and experiential has made this field trip the best one ever, both in terms of content and fun factor. As an educator from NUS, I can see the relevance of the content to what my students were learning. Inviting my students to join this tour made all the content in textbooks come alive. The students also appreciated the hospitality and willingness of the tour guides to share and answer questions. It was not just an educational tour. It was also allowed the youths to reflect on the hard work others put in to provide fresh fish on the table the next day. I highly recommend everyone to sign up for the tour to understand more! It's suitable for young, old and the curious!
Nik Chan
Nik Chan
01:12 29 Mar 17
The fishery tour was extremely informative and brought me key insights into a novel (and declining-in-popularity) industry. Thoroughly recommend for people of all ages!
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