Our Beginnings

Hai Sia, translated from Teochew, means the sound of the sea. From her humble beginnings in 1976 as a hawker stall at Mei Ling Street, Hai Sia has grown to be a familiar establishment at Jurong Fishery Port. Today, we supply both fresh and frozen seafood.

For six days a week, starting at 11pm, the Central Fish Market comes to life with fishermen from neighbouring countries offloading their freshest catch for fish merchants to buy and sell. Bantering, purchasing, transferring, processing and the occasional haggling – the flurry of activities continues until 7am the next day, where trucks rouse their engines for a full day of delivery.

At the heart of this flow is the passion for seafood, which Hai Sia is built on. A passion for the mastery of our craft because understanding the complexities of seafood is both an art and a science. A respect for dedication and hard work because as an integral seafood supplier, we support our fish merchants and value our customers.

We are committed to supplying good seafood at competitive prices – because we believe seafood should be accessible and affordable.