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ST Aerospace visits Hai Sia

For the very first tour of 2018, Hai Sia hosted ST Aerospace on 13 January 2018. The rain definitely did not dampen the enthusiasm and spirits of this fun-loving group who came armed with substantial knowledge of seafood. They were particularly excited to visit the Central Fish Market, and seeing that this tour is close to Chinese New Year, some took the chance to purchase the White Rabbit fish straight from the market. It was heartening to host such an excellent group, and the Hai Sia tour continues rain or shine!

SIA Group Sports Club visits Hai Sia

On 18 November 2017, Hai Sia was privileged to welcome SIA Group Sports Club for a free walking tour of Jurong Fishery Port. This diverse group comprised from young kids to the elderly, and everyone was equally curious about the local seafood trade. We also took some time to introduce Hai Sia’s new product line, ‘Serve’, which is currently available on both Amazon and RedMart. Should you like to customise a tour for your organisation, we are more than happy to help you!

Singapore Management University (SMU) visits Hai Sia

On 8 October 2017, a group of SMU students from the Crisis Management and Communications class visited Hai Sia at Jurong Fishery Port. This tour also marks the inaugural partnership between Hai Sia and SMU. Apart from exploring the Central Fish Market, the students had an exclusive preview of Hai Sia’s new processing plant to understand the nature of our business better. We hope the tour lent new perspectives for the young, and beyond the project, they will remember this trip for a long time coming.

Nanyang Business School (NBS), Nanyang Technological University visits Hai Sia

On 16 and 17 September 2017, 80 students from NBS visited Jurong Fishery Port and Hai Sia. Staying true to the spirit of academic collaborations, Hai Sia is proud to be partnering NBS for a Digital Marketing module this academic semester. During the Central Fish Market walk-through, many students enjoyed upclose interaction with seafood, especially handling the Spanish Mackerel (Batang). Through the enthusiasm and hard work of these bright undergraduates, we hope their ideas can usher in better things to come for this trade, and for the young to inspire more people to sing tribute to the local seafood industry.

Republic Polytechnic Marine Science and Aquaculture visits Hai Sia

On 11 August 2017, Hai Sia hosted a group of students from Republic Polytechnic who are currently pursuing their diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture. This trip to Jurong Fishery Port is in conjunction with an academic module – seafood handling, processing and food safety. Through this learning journey, they saw the workings of a fish market and learnt to draw parallels between theory and practice. The trip was rounded off by an exciting presentation on food safety, conducted by Jone, Hai Sia’s Quality Assurance intern who is currently an undergraduate at NUS, reading Food Science. Hai Sia is always looking out for academic collaborations so please drop us a note if you are interested to kickstart a project!

Siglap South Community Centre visits Hai Sia

On 15 July 2017, Hai Sia was thrilled to organise a walking tour of Jurong Fishery Port for a group of enthusiastic individuals from Siglap South Community Centre. They were fascinated by the bustling scene of the Central Fish Market. Through this walking tour, they learnt more about the different seafood products found in the market, and the workings of this trade. The interactive learning session concluded with the unveiling of an extended range of fresh hand-cut seafood for participants to purchase. It was no doubt a fulfilling night for both Hai Sia and Siglap South Community Centre!

The Public visits Hai Sia

Hai Sia is happy to welcome more members of the public to the Central Fish Market. On 27 May 2017, Hai Sia hosted slightly more than 30 participants on our free walking tour. During the market walk-through, participants learnt more about the unsung heroes who work during the wee hours, know-hows on identifying if a fish is fresh and learning more about farmed and fresh seafood. It was also the first time Hai Sia showcased a range of hand-cut fresh seafood for participants to purchase, and it was a wholesome way to conclude a night trip to Jurong Fishery Port!

Republic Polytechnic and HalalFoodHunt Visit Hai Sia

On 29 April 2017, Hai Sia was happy to host another diverse group of individuals from Republic Polytechnic and local food blog HalalFoodhunt. They were brought closer to their food sources as they observed the operations of the fish market at close proximity. For this particular tour, they embarked on an extensive market walkthrough and were given several seafood tips. For example, they were taught how to identify fish and determine freshness of seafood. They were also surprised with a special set of Hai Sia’s hand-designed postcards titled ‘Takeaway’.

NUS Food Science visits Hai Sia

Hai Sia was delighted to welcome a group of enthusiastic NUS Food Science students to Jurong Fishery Port. The walkthrough of the bustling Central Fish Market was definitely a novel experience for the inquisitive students. The night did not just end there! The students were rewarded with a freshly steamed Black Pomfret each, learning how to eat a whole fish from scratch! Some lucky students even had a glimpse of Hai Sia’s new processing plant to understand its operations. What are you waiting for, join us for the next tour for an unforgettable experiential learning journey.

NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG) visits Hai Sia

To broaden our outreach to various institutions, Hai Sia was happy to invite the NUS CFG team to Jurong Fishery Port. Through this experiential learning session, not only did the participants learn more about seafood, they caught a glimpse of the opportunities and challenges of this trade. For instance, the background of the night operations team, the different characters of Jurong Fishery Port, the working hours amongst other topics. Through NUS CFG, Hai Sia aspires to continue working with such like-minded partners, and inspire future generations to potentially join this industry.

First visit of Hai Sia by the public in 2017

On 25 February, Hai Sia kicked off our first free walking tour for 2017. We had 25 participants from all walks of life, including children who braved the odd hours of 1.30am. It was particularly memorable for Hai Sia because it is in February 2017 that night operations in our new processing plant went live! To celebrate this milestone, the participants caught a glimpse of the new plant in action. Hungry for more knowledge about seafood? Join us for our next tour!

More friends visit Hai Sia

In December, the month of joy and happiness, Hai Sia conducted the last walking tour of Jurong Fishery Port for 2016. The participants learnt more about seafood, particularly on how to choose the freshest seafood and distinguish amongst different seafood products. To end the tour, all participants were served with one steamed Black Pomfret each and they were taught techniques to eat the whole fish with ease. It is always a pleasure imparting seafood knowledge to people and this is what drives Hai Sia forward! Hai Sia will continue to connect people closer to their food source so please look out for more tours in 2017!

Singapore Institute of Technology (The Culinary Institute of America) visits Hai Sia

In November 2016, 42 freshmen from CIA Singapore embarked on a customised walking tour of Jurong Fishery Port. Specially for this tour, the students were treated to a live cooking station where Hai Sia showcased the recommended cooking methods for different seafood products, and a live demonstration of filleting by Mr Lim, Hai Sia’s Head of Processing. One lucky student also had the opportunity to fillet a Seabass, under the supervision of Mr Lim. It was an extremely meaningful tour because the students spearheaded discussions on food sources, knife skills and sustainability amongst other topics. It is always a joy hosting new people at Jurong Fishery Port and we hope these young people will cook up a storm in the culinary world in the new future!

College of Alice & Peter Tan (CAPT), National University of Singapore visits Hai Sia

On two occasions in October 2016, Hai Sia welcomed some freshmen of CAPT to Jurong Fishery Port. Bright-eyed and brimming with enthusiasm, the students were here to examine this unique workplace environment, the highlights and challenges of this industry and a personal sharing by Hai Sia’s second generation owner of his motivations and dreams for the company. Of course, a trip to Jurong Fishery Port can only be completed with an experiential tour of the Central Fish Market and for some lucky students, they were served with steamed whole fishes because when was the last time one had a whole fish to yourself? Hurry, and join us on our next tour!

More customers and friends visit Hai Sia

As the last Saturday of each month draws closer, Hai Sia gets ready excitedly for another guided tour around Jurong Fishery Port. It was no different for the July 2016 tour as various groups of customers and friends came together to learn about seafood. In particular, we were heartened to have the chefs of ITE College West (School of Hospitality) to join us! As we brought everyone around the Central Fish Market and our processing plant, we hope to connect the sources and knowledge of seafood closer to the hearts of people.

Customers and friends visit Hai Sia

Thinking of where to go on Saturday morning? Some customers and friends of Hai Sia kickstarted their weekends by visiting Jurong Fishery Port! Not only did they get a bird’s-eye view of the Central Fish Market, they were connected closer than before to the different sources of seafood that come through Singapore. The walking tour ended on a sweet note with a surprise tasting of Ikura, Golden Snapper and Trout. Come, join us for the tour today!

Fuhua Secondary School visits Hai Sia

For a tailored Humanities field trip, a group of 60 students from Fuhua Secondary School came to Jurong Fishery Port. During the 2 hours long walking tour, they learnt about the nature and trends of the seafood industry, and discussed about some societal observations of the trade. It was an eye-opening excursion that taught the students lessons beyond the classroom!

Fraser Place Robertson Walk visits Hai Sia

Want to show your foreigner friends a sight that they typically would not associate Singapore with? The events team of Fraser Place Robertson Walk (Singapore) invited a group of their residents who are from all over the world to visit Jurong Fishery Port. Here, they were greeted with a different set of vibrancy as they learnt about seafood that come from the region, the stories behind the trade and some even went home with a bag of seafood products!

Nanyang Business School (NBS) Career Office visits Hai Sia

Crafting a career in the seafood industry is a different path altogether. Swapping swanky leather shoes for a pair of rubber boots, NBS Career Office came by Hai Sia to visit one of their alumni who has joined this industry. Visiting Jurong Fishery Port was a good opportunity to showcase an entirely different slice of life and we hope to inspire more young Singaporeans to join the trade!

Volkswagen Singapore visits Hai Sia

In the wee hours of 9 January 2016, Volkswagen Singapore brought a group of 20 customers to visit Jurong Fishery Port. During the tour, they learnt about the operations of the Central Fish Market and Hai Sia’s processing facility. To top off the visit, Hai Sia prepared four seafood dishes using their fresh produce for Volkswagen customers to savour!