Our Capabilities

In our continuous pursuit to modernise and professionalise Hai Sia, we embarked on a series of renovation and upgrading works in 2016. Phase 1 of the renovation saw Hai Sia rebuilding our processing plant, and operations in the new plant went live in February 2017.

Our processing and operational capabilities include:

  • Establishing a Food Safety Programme, led by internal Quality Assurance team
  • Filleting seafood according to the unique requirements of our customers, by hand and machinery
  • Vacuum-packing, as seen from our house brand, ‘Serve’ by Hai Sia Seafood
  • Repacking of seafood into optimal sizes for our customers
  • Contact freezing at -40°C
  • Proper cold chain management (for example, our processing plant is 100% air-conditioned and our delivery trucks are refrigerated)
  • Delivery service everyday, except for first day of the Lunar New Year

Today, Hai Sia is HACCP, ISO 22000 and Halal certified.

We are also vested in the academia sphere, and would like to be involved in project collaborations and partnerships. We welcome all institutions and the community at large to drop us a note.

To know more about us, please watch some of our videos under Our Stories.